Research Fields

Fields of Research

Principal research fields at the Centre for Atlantic and Global Studies are:

1) Challenges posed by long-term social changes in the Atlantic sphere
Demographic change, migration and mobility processes, the asymmetrical world economy, social inequality and labour relations.

2) Coping strategies and conflict settlement in Atlantic societies
Interculturality and legal pluralism, political participation and global human rights, religion and ethnicity as political resources.

3) Mediality, representation and perception of the challenges faced in Atlantic regions
Knowledge production and organization, (new) social media, identity constructions and their cultural representations, memory cultures and colonial pasts.

4) Domestic Orders in the Atlantic World
Transformations of houses, households, the domestic sphere, and concepts of home and belonging as result of the mobility of people, commodities and ideas in the Atlantic space from the 16th century to the globalized present age.